UI / UX Creative Direction
Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes

UI/UX Creative Direction

Leading the UI/UX Creative Direction for Disney Heroes was such a dream come true. As true fans of Disney and the wonderful characters and stories Disney creates we were honored that the super talented game devs and artists at PerBlu trusted the UX Magicians with their latest game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode starring Wreck it Ralph.

Creative Exploration

At the start of a new project we explore many different layouts and color pallets. We mix and match button styles, fonts and ways to navigate the product to get a feel for the experience early on before deciding on a specific direction. For Disney’s Heroes we wanted to present a very bright, rich and playful experience but with a serious overtone to match the hardcore RPG gameplay.

Touch Screen Below to Scroll Designs

Hand Painted

Using a subway as a theme for progression was decided early on in the process. We took the train from Zootopia and created a hand painted version. We took that style and applied the same look and feel to the entire map and progression system.

Touch Screen Below to Scroll Designs

Character Management

The character management feature is one of the core features in the game players would be using the most and was the core driver for engagement and retention. The goal of the game is to continue to collect new characters and upgrade them. We wanted this experience to be simple but highlight the characters in full body poses to create more visual value and appeal.

Perspective vs. Flat

We explored ever possible angle to make sure that nothing was left to chance.

Gameplay Experience

The gameplay experience is the most important part of the overall experience. We spent a considerable amount of time creating hundreds of combinations of layouts, configurations and color palettes to create and experience that would delight and entertain players for years to come.

Touch Screen Below to Scroll Designs