UI / UX Creative Direction
Alpha Squad 5

Alpha Squad 5

UI/UX Creative Direction

Having previously worked with Munkyfun on League of War when they approached the UX Magicians to help with Alpha Squad’s UI/UX we were all super excited. The Munkyfun team is AAA and they know how to make mobile games. Their newest Game Alpha Squad is a hero collection RPG with a GI Joe feel and it was truly a blast to partner with such a great team again.

Creative Direction

During the creative exploration process our team went through many rounds of concepts and ideas to explore using space and visuals to tell a story and create the experience.

Hero Cards

Hero cards are the at the core of this gameplay experience and the UX Magicians design team spent a lot of good time iterating and creating different sizes and layouts of card that would look great and communicate important information.

Gameplay Exploration

The UXM design team looked at every concievable way to position, size and layout cards on the battlefield so players could easily access their heroes special ability.

Items & Upgrades

The items and upgrade are very deep and have many layers of information that must be communciated to the player. Many rounds of shapes, colors and amounts of information were created to find the perfect balance so player could easily understand the value and use of an item.

Team Selection & Loot Collection

Choosing the right team is critical in Alpha Squad. The chemistry and level of your team decides whether you win or lose a battle. After each fight your team gains experience and collects loot to further upgrade your heroes.

Hero Upgrading & Stats

Players can level and evolve each of their heros. Communicating what a hero needs and when they are able to promote, level up or evolve has to be clear and intuitive so players understand how to progress in the game. The UX Magicians designed a simple and minimal solution to allow players to browse all their heroes and upgrade them very quickly.

Store & IAP

The coreloop of the game drives players to be able to spend on loot chests in order to upgrade and evolve their heroes faster. We designed a simple store that most players would find familar with in F2P games. 


The map is the core means of visualizing player progression. Players can play each map in 2 different modes, Normal and Elite.


Alpha Squad has many different modes and content to explore. Using the comic book toy them the UX Magicians design team created some simple but effective systems to drive player engagement. Different layouts and concepts were created until all edge cases were solved for.

Precision Design

Our magic is in the details. Our experiences are made up of a lot of small good decisions that come together to create a great product.