UI / UX Creative Direction
Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

UI/UX Creative Direction

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest futbol players in the world and this game deserved one of the best user experiences in the world.

Creative Exploration

Our typical process involves designing the key art before designing any of the UI. Below is the evolution from hand crafted key art elements to applying UI.

Creative Exploration 2

The UX Magician’s design team went through many different iterations of the key art to get the right background environment and applied many different UI treatments.

Creative Exploration 3

Once the key art and the look and feel of the UI is established we go to work to fine tune the details and final features.

Final Look and Feel

After many iterations the UI evolves into a well polished work of art that works for  many different pieces of key art and environments so as the player progresses the environment in the lobby reflects their current level.

Meta Game

Every aspect of the player experiences we design go through the same design process. Here we iterate on the overall meta game to establish the look for the rest of the product.

Final Creative Direction

After sprinkling some magic over the concepts the final polished look and feel reveals itself to the world.

Monetization and Progression

Equipped with a solid style guide for the product the UX Magicians design team got to work on the remaining screens and features of the product. Establishing an approved polished style guide early is key to keeping the player experience consistent.


The gameplay screens go through the same process except there are specific mechanics as to how a game works that the UX Magicians design team iterates through. The core mechanics of interacting with the game is the center of the product and it has to be right the first time, so many iterations and prototypes are essential to the process.

Greatness is in the details

We believe that the one thing that separates our experiences from other experiences is the amount of detail we include. We take an insane amount of care on details most people will never even notice. Experience has shown us that the many small details create the whole.