UI / UX Creative Direction
Cthulhu Chronicles

Cthulhu Chronicles

UI/UX Creative Direction

Cthulhu Chronicles brings the terror and fun of Call of Cthulhu to life on your mobile device. It emulates the tabletop experience, giving you choices to make, each one taking your investigator down different paths with differing conclusions. Mystery, intrigue, horror, and madness await your investigator, who can gain insights and lose sanity while charting his or her way through the scenarios.

Intuitive Experience

The UX Magician’s design team set out to create a masterful episodic experience. Our deep experience with story driven experiences like Episodes and Tunnels and trolls lead the way to create an intutivive and fun experience so that content remains the king.

Episodic RPG

Our ux design team designed a combat system that would seamlessly integrate into the dynamic content system giving the game developer the ability to customize an endless amount of story content.

Interaction Design + Prototype

The UX Magician’s UI/UX team developed a fun and immersive UI experience. They first designed a series of storyboards and then developed the storyboards into a working prototype in Unity to get the right feel for the product. The simple design creates an intuitive experience for global audiences.