UI / UX Creative Direction
Heroes of Warland

Heroes of Warland

UI/UX Creative Direction

Heroes of Warland is a mobile shooter aimed at the esports market. The challenge for the UX Magicians design team was to define the look and feel of the products brand, set the creative direction for the user experience and define the user flow.

Creative Exploration

The UX Magicians design team went through many styles and iterations that lead them on a creative journey that would define the new user experience.

Exploration One

The inital exploration the UX Magicians design team took was a minimal approach. They started designing the experince before the Nitro Game team had any finalized characters, environments or full specs.

Exploration Two

The next exploration started introducing multiple characters to the lobby. Early concepts for the characters began to emerge and the UX Magicians design team continued to define the style.

Defining the Style

After many weeks, many iterations and lots of love a style began to emerge that defined the products creative direction and user experience.

The Meta Game

The meta game was kept simple for quick access to characters, upgrades and chests. The characters were kept large to show off the cool character and weapon models and animations.


The gameplay experience was designed to quickly swap weapons and tease out new products other players were using.

Precision Design

Our magic is in the details. Our experiences are made up of a lot of small good decisions that come together to create a great product.