UI / UX Creative Direction



Nether Realm called on the UX Magicians to design a system that would help raise player retention. Our research and user testing showed the difficulty curve of learning how to play the game made many players walk away. We knew then that the game needed an innovative and engaging experience to teach players how to get excellent at the game play.

We created the overall designs, tutorial guide, gameplay mechanics and interactive prototype that allowed the UX Magicians and Nether Realm game team to use Xbox, and PlayStation controllers to test the systems we designed. The result was the first of its kind in a combat game. This made the game much easier for players to engage with the game; helping it to reach the highest -grossing console game in the second quarter of 2017. 

Progressive Tutorial

To further improve the ability for players to learn the gameplay more quickly we created a progressive tutorial system that would guide players through a series of skills to get them up to speed rapidly.

Design Process

During our design process we put pencil to paper to work out several different styles of communicating the timing of moves.

Animation Prototype

We start in After Effects to get the animation and timing down before we implement into code.

Interactive Prototype

We developed an interactive prototype in Unity so that the team could play with a controller allowing us to test out the effectiveness of the design decisions. Immediately playing the prototype revealed this was a highly effective system for training players on the timing of moves. The result was the Injustice team implemented the new tutorial system into the game and presented it in a huge new update through DLC.