UI / UX Creative Direction
League of War

League of War

UI/UX Creative Direction

League of War Mercenaries was the second installment of this action, strategy game. The UX Magicians were called in to help guide the UI/UX along side the incredibly talented design team at Munky Fun.

Creative Exploration

We started the project by removing all the buttons and HUD. We were left with two teams on the environment that they would be fighting on. We then started layering on the features of the game keeping it minimal and highlighting the cool units.

Final Creative Direction

The final direction was very close to the original concepts the UX Magicians suggested and kept it’s very minimal style. The rest of the project followed this look and feel.

Base Building

Base building is always a tricky UX challenge. We chose transparent buttons so the screen wouldn’t appear to be covered up as much. We also chose a minimal style as to not have to much clutter. The UX Magician’s design team went through many iterations to find the right balance.


The gameplay page was a lot of fun to design for. We continued the minimal transparent buttons to try and leave as much negative space as possible so the beautiful environments were not covered up.

Core Loop

The final core loop for players was simple, intuitive and beautiful.