UI / UX Creative Direction
Medals of War

Medals of War

UI/UX Creative Direction

We believe that every experience has to have a soul. When we designed the user experience for the best basketball game ever created we had to call upon the powers of the universe to deliver a truly magical experience.

Creative Exploration

Medals of War is real-time multiplayer mobile game from Nitro Games. The Nitro Games design team was so fun to work with and the UX Magicians design team went to work creating many different styles and layouts. We started with the lobby and the cards to try and find the style that worked best.

Hand Painted

In another design pass we went in a completely new direction to further differentiate this product and create a unique experience.

Gameplay HUD

The in-game hud was one of the most challenging UI/UX design efforts for this game. There was a lot of information that needed to be communicated without covering the game.

Deck Management

The UX Magicians design team created 1 – 15 different layouts, color schemes and icon shapes for the deck management section. The bottom navigation was explored during this design phase to make sure it worked with a section with a lot of content.

Game HUD Icons

We love icons and handcraft each one with the same meticulous detail as we use for the core UI.

Rank Icons

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