UI / UX Creative Direction

MotoGP: Championship

UI/UX Creative Direction

The UX Magicians have a lot of experience with sports franchises and when Weplay Media reached out and asked us to design the user experience for MotoGP it was a dream come true.

Creative Exploration

In true UX Magicians fashion we started with a simple bike and layered on the features slowly and methodically to keep the experience minimal while highlighting the stars of the game, the bikes

Creative Exploration 2

Once we had a core direction established we began exploring the features of the product in more details. We took the initial style guide and started applying it to the rest of the core screens.

Final Creative Direction

The final creative direction met our minimal design standards while still allowing deep functionality that is available in MotoGP.


We worked very closely with the WePlay design team to create a prototype to be able to test many different feels for the bike. Our core pillar for the game was “player agency” the initial design called for the bike to have the option of automatic acceleration and breaking. We strongly suggested that the player must hold the accelerator and hit the break in order to be connected to the experience.


Quality in the details.

Key Art

Simple. Beautiful.