UI / UX Creative Direction


UI/ UX Creative Direction

The UX Magicians design team was tasked with creating an experience and brand for the first ever digital video game marketplace that allows players to buy, sell and mine crypto currency. The experience had to be intuitive scalable and beautiful.


The UX Magicians design team created a UX system that allows for browsing of lots of content very quickly as well as a drag and drop shopping cart, wish list system. A quick friends list and chat system was designed for maximum social interactions.

Browsing Content

Browsing content is fluid and fun. Game boxes leap off the page as if they were physical objects. Tapping on game boxes spins them around to quickly view a trailer or buy option. 

Game Details

How much information is too much and how much is too little? The UX Magicians experimented with a lot of different versions and quantity of information to find the right balance.

Drag and Drop Shopping Cart

The innovative drag and drop shopping cart / wish list was designed so that saving games and buying games was simple and intuitive and worked equally as well on mobile

Checking Out

The check out process doesn’t have to be bland. For Robotcache the UX Magicians design team wanted something familiar but over the top. Our design pilllar is purchasing must be celebrated so players want to repeat the behavior.


The login is a valuable placement for sponsors. The UX Magicians design team set out to capitalize on every moment to monetize.


The leaderboards allow players to compete for rewards. Good retention mechanics help to establish loyal players.

New Feed

New is very important to gamers and the intuitive, easy to use news feed keeps players informed.