UI / UX Creative Direction
Shadow Strike 2

Shadow Strike 2

UI/UX Creative Direction

We love shooters; and having designed a lot shooters we knew Shadow Strike was going to be a lot fun to work on. We set out to create a very immersive experience, one that put players at the controls of the world’s deadliest aerial weapons.

Creative Exploration

We often begin design of the game experiences before any environments and vehicles have been finalized so we will source creative to begin the design process.

At the start of a new project we explore many different layouts and color pallets. We mix and match button styles, fonts, and ways to navigate the product, to get a feel for the experience early on prior to deciding on a specific direction.

Creative Exploration 2

HUD design is one of our favorite screens to develop for games. It’s a fun and creative process to create the communication systems for battlefield tactical awareness.


Crosshair creative design

Base Building

The meta game of Shadow Strike is deep and involved. Here we look at the base building aspect and how players would upgrade their base which would eventually become an aircraft carrier.


The PVE campaign is a great way to get player involved in a game and get them excited and comfortable moving into the PVP feature (where most of the money for F2P games is made).


PVP is the heart of Shadow Strike and we created many concepts showing how PVP would work including leaderboards, match making, and events.


We wanted the store to feel like players were acquisition specialists. We set it up like a mobile online shopping cart to make it intuitive and beautiful.

Battle Results

How you reward, or punish, players is a key component to F2P games. We always celebrate big for wins and at least reward something for a loss. This eases the pain of grinding for players.

Battle Results Sequence

Here we see the flow for beating a level and moving to the next level.