UI / UX Creative Direction
Star Wars: Rivals

Star Wars: Rivals

UI/UX Creative Direction

We here at the UX Magicians are all super fans of Star Wars so when we got the call from Disney to create some magic for their next 3rd person mobile shooter we were extremely excited to say the least! Our team has created more successful 3rd person mobile shooters than any other team on the planet. Games like Contract Killer, Deer Hunter, Frontline Commando, Robocop and more. We utilized our deep understanding of mobile shooters to try and create an experience that would set a new standard for mobile shooters.

Creative Exploration

During the creative exploration process our team went through many rounds of concepts and ideas to explore using space and visuals to tell a story and create the experience.

Creative Exploration 2

During the second phase of creative exploration we broke away from common mobile standards to try and create a more immersive and contextual multi tough experience.

Creative Exploration 3

During our 3rd exploration we went back to the roots of the standards we had already set with Contract Killer, Frontline Commando and other shooters we defined.

Story Progression Explorations

For the store progression system, we imagined an open / minimal experience where the boss (that players would face) would consistently be very large and take up majority of the screen to look menacing.

Interaction Design

The interaction design for the story experience was kept very minimal but contextual by swiping left to right and up and down players could navigate further into the features. This experience allows players to develop muscle memory, making the experience easier to navigate without thinking over time.

Characters / Cards

Having established our design pillars for the story progression we carried that same interaction design model into the character selection screen where players could swipe left and right to access the different characters but swipe up and down to access the characters stats and upgrades.

Gameplay HUD

The gameplay HUD was the most fun of the entire project. We created a lot of visuals and animatics showing how the visuals and special effects would work. The end result was a beautiful HUD style guide that was easy to understand and beautiful to look at.

Precision Design

Something as simple as a loading screen in our experiences can be a great opportunity  to create delight and wonder. For this concept we imagined an interactive loading screen that would allow players to hone their shooting skills while giving a huge node to the original films.