UI / UX Creative Direction


UI/UX Creative Direction

Pipeworks Studio approached the UX Magician’s to create some magic and transform a physical card game into a digital card game property.

Creative Exploration 1

The UX Magician’s designs teams first creative exploration was to create full screen video views of players.

Creative Exploration 2

For the 2nd creative exploration the UX Magician’s design team wanted the experience to match more closely the brand established for the physical game. The dark minimal experience with the under lit text would go on to become a signature look for the UX Magician’s design team.

Final UI/UX Creative Direction

The final look and feel became a soft lit experience with large minimal text successfully extended the physical brand into the digital realm.

User Profile

The user profile section of this game had many features and system that needed to communicate a ton of information. The UX Magician’s design team created multiple rounds of iterations until they achieved an intuitive system that communicated all the features simply without cluttering the UI.

Card Decks

One of the design pillars of the UX Magician’s design team is to make things contextual. Since players would be collecting and using cards the UI/UX was actual card decks and cards that they would interact with eliminating the need for any buttons or UI elements that were unnecessary.


The UX Magician’s design team loves the details and creating simple UI/UX that isn’t bland is part art and part magic.

Game Lobby

Superfight! achieved masterful technology innovations by allowing multiple live video web cam feeds that allowed players to see and talk to each other in real-time.

Game Play

The UX Magician’s design team solved the design challenges of multiple video feeds, multiple player rounds and live twitch feeds that allowed players and other people to all participate in the game in real-time.

Other Screens

Every game has way more designs that can be shown. Here are few other features from the Superfight! UI/UX.

Interaction Design Animations

All of our experiences have meaningful transitions and delightful timing to create a seamless and smooth product. Here are a few of those animations for Superfight!