UI / UX Creative Direction
Tunnels and Trolls

Tunnels and Trolls

Tunnels and Trolls is a classic RPG redesigned for mobile. As part of the MetaArcade interactive story platform the UX Magicians set out to create a new experience to delight loyal fans and new players alike.


The challenge was to take the current Tunnels and Trolls game on iOS and redesign the experience from the ground up. The new experience had to also work within the newly established MetaArcade platform UX guidelines also established by the UX Magicians design team.


A new experience that kept the charm of the original IP and seamlessly blended it with a new intuitive and minimal experience.

Initial Creative Concepts

The UX Magicians design team designed multiple creative concepts. This is the inital creative thoughts that help propel the design forward.

Final Look and Feel

The final design was a blend of old school meets new minimal design with an intuitive ux that made it easy for players to find content and enjoy the many stories.

Combat Creative Concepts

The UX Magicians design team created a few different combat experiences to find the right balance of environments, stats, gameplay and fun.

Final Gameplay Design

One of the early pillars for the gameplay was to make sure that the dice felt real. The original implementation of Tunnels and Trolls felt robotic and predetermined. By having players throw simulated dice made the gameplay feel much more realistic.

Character Selection

The character selection screen has high contrast colors to clearly see player stats and abilities. A continuous scrolling ux makes navigating and viewing character stats quick and intuitive.


The store is very minimal and easy to access. A contextual store pulls up when you are out of tickets to continue playing removing friction to monetization.