UI / UX Creative Direction
WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17

UI/UX Creative Direction

WWE 2k17 would prove to be a departure from the old generation of wrestling games as the Visual Concepts studio asked the UX Magicians design team to create a new experience for a new generation of WWE fans.

Creative Exploration

The UX Magicians suggested the user experience style be minimal and adopt our studio’s design pillar of making the Superstars the stars of the experience with full 3D characters animated in the UI.

Superstar Selection

The Superstar selection screen is one of the coolest screens in the game. During the design process we make sure that we explore each edge case for 1 player, 6 players or up to 8 players on the screen at once.

Superstar Customization

The UX Magician’s design team developed multiple layouts and interaction design models for the Superstar creation feature. The team designed custom environments, special effects and innovative transition effects to achieve a unique experience.

Main HUD concepts

During the creative design process the lobby became the corner stone of the product and we designed multiple lobby concepts to get the experience just right.


Our design team outputs a tremendous amount of time and effort because they believe the details are what make our experiences special.


The UX Magician’s design team reimagined the Universe feature for WWE 2k17.

Other Screens

WWE 2K17 is one of the most content rich games on the market. Here are a few of the other features and pages the UX Magician’s design team reimagined for WWE 2k17.