UI / UX Creative Direction
WWE 2k18

WWE 2K18

UI/UX Creative Direction

Coming off of redesigning the user experience for WWE 2K17, the Visual Concept team asked us to create the new experience for WWE 2k18. We love this game and we love the design team at VC and were once again honored to join them in creating a magical experience for the great wrestling game ever.

Creative Exploration

For WWE 2K18 we explored different layouts and styles using a more HUD feel with the characters and animations getting inspiration from the mannequin challenge trend.


Superstar Selection

The Superstar selection was improved for this title and we created some custom 3D environments to fly the camera through for some seamless transitions.

Superstar Customization

The Superstar customization is a huge part of the WWE 2k 18 universe and the UX Magicians design team designed many versions, layouts and interaction models before settling on a design that felt just right.

Main Page Concepts

The main page is the page each player sees when the game starts. We created a ton of different angles and layout concepts, leaving nothing to chance.


The quality of a great design team can always be seen in the details.

Other Sections

There is so much content in the WWE 2K 18 games that we created hundreds of different screens and features. Here are a few of the additional screens we created during the UI/UX design process.

Pre-Visual Animations

The hand painted textures our artists create make you feel as though you can almost smell the table light warming the felt or the fresh sent of the forest from the wood grain rails.