UI / UX Creative Direction
Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

UI/UX Creative Direction

The Zynga Poker team call upon the UX Magicians to create a new magical experience for Zynga Poker, their flagship casino game.

Creative Exploration

We explored many different style and interaction design models that were used to test their audience in order to decide which direction was received the best. We created multiple different styles from a “VIP” look to an “E-sports” look and feel. In all we created more than 10 different creative directions.

Evolution of a Table

The evolution of our designs can be fascinating. Designs start out very simple and evolve over time as the different design challenges and require features find their place.

Lobby Concepts

We created many different lobby concepts, more than we can show here but here is a touch of the magic we created.


The UX Magicians design team mix 3D design assets and hand painted textures to create a very realistic, but stylized, feel to the table, chips and overall UI.

Precision Design

We believe our magic comes from the beautiful designs our artists create. We also believe that a great design also includes functionality and the understanding that everything has a purpose. We measured the table, the chips, the hold cards and the community pot to increase the size of the most important elements to further immerse players in the world of poker.